Pool Mechanics and Tokenomics

Total amount of $ALL a Pool can hodl: 680k $ALL (100%) This is the base cost used to calculate everything below
Minimum $ALL required to start a new Pool - EntryLimit: 136k $ALL (20%) This is what a Pool Initiator will need to lock to start a new Pool! Afterward anyone (frens or foes) can lock up their $ALL alongside the Initiator and get a percentage of the revenue share!
Lock up 20%? You get 20%! Lock up 50%?! You get 50%! Lock up 90%?! You guessed it! The Initiator can deposit any amount from the start to secure a bigger piece of the pie, up to 90%! Minimum $ALL required to Activate a new TLD - SettleLimit: 340k $ALL (50%) This is the amount of $ALL that will need to be deposited to Activate the TLD, by which point domain name registration and revenue share can begin! The activation can only be done by the Initiator and he can choose to do so at 50% or any level above it! Choosing to Activate at 50% means half the revenue goes to the Pool contributors and half of it to the AllDomain Protocol. However, you can increase the percentage towards your community by adding more $ALL to the Pool! Important: The SettleLimit must be achieved in a period of 15 days! If the limit is not reached $ALL contributors can withdraw their funds! This provides protection against TLD squatting. Maximum $ALL that can be deposited in a Pool after TLD activation - SoftEntryLimit: 418k $ALL (60%) After Activating a TLD users can still choose to deposit in that Pool but only up to 60%. This allows late-comers to get in on the action even AFTER the TLD has been Activated! Maximum $ALL that can be contributed by users - UpperLimit: 618k $ALL (90%) Users can not deposit above this level. This ensures the AllDomains Protocol will always get a minimum of 10% of all revenue generated by a TLD!
After 180 days your initial $ALL deposit will be unlocked and all Pool Contributors will be able to claim 50% of it back!