Expiration and Grace Period

At the moment, a 50-day Grace Period is in effect for all domain names

However, the code for having a “grace period” is new, and not all our partners have had a chance to integrate it yet.

If your domain expires, you can no longer receive tokens with it or use it in any of our partner's products. Please check the expiration date of your domain name on your personal dashboard.

After this code gets integrated, this is how the Grace Period will work:

First 45 days after your domain expires you retain ownership of the asset, and it will still work with all our integrations For 5 more days after that you retain ownership of the asset, but it will no longer be useable After the grace period passes, the account closes and anyone can register the domain name

We are looking forward to providing a new “Gift a renewal” mechanic for our domain names.

Domains in the Grace Period will still show up on Secondary Markets, but after this period passes, they will be dropped from the verified collection and will no longer show up on marketplaces. This ensures you do not risk buying an expired domain name without the possibility of renewal. If you want to ensure you never lose a domain name to expiration enabling notifications will keep your domains safe!

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