ANS - All Name Service: a Solana Program that allows users create human readable domain names that can be used in place of a Public Key.

Deployed on Mainnet and Devnet.


TLD House

A Solana Program that gives any project the possibility to have their own TLD (.anything) on Solana to give/sell or use in any way they want in their community.

Deployed on Mainnet and Devnet.


Name House

Domain NFT Wrapping / Unwrapping: a Solana Program that enables any domain from any TLD to be wrapped as an NFT and be traded on any SOLANA NFT marketplace.

Deployed on Mainnet and Devnet.


Bridge Name Service 👀

A Solana Program that takes bridged .eth domains (through Wormhole) and emits an AllDomains .eth domain in exchange.

Deployed on Mainnet and Devnet.


TLD Manager

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All Campaign

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