Manage your domains

To manage your domains, go to, connect your wallet click on it again, and go to your personal profile:

Once you do so, you will be greeted by the following interface:

Extend/Renew domain

You can easily renew in advance and extend your domains. Click Extend, select the period and click Renew!

Set your Main Domain Name

If you own multiple AllDomains assets but want a specific one displayed by our Integration Partners (e.g., Birdeye), you must choose a Main Domain!

You can set your favorite domain by clicking the "☆" icon associated with one of your domains and signing off the transaction.

If your wallet is already associated with a .sol domain name, our integration partners will display that one first, as there is no protocol consensus yet.

If you want your AllDomains asset to take precedence, move the .sol domain to another wallet.

Domain Records

You can edit your domain records by clicking the Records button under the domain name. See the Records section for the complete list.

You can only edit records for unwrapped domain names. See Wrap/Unwrap a domain name to/from an NFT bellow!

Transfer a domain

Easily transfer your domain to another Solana address

  1. Click on the Send button next to the domain you want to transfer

  1. In the Modal window that appears enter the Solana address/domain name you want to send the domain to and click Transfer

Wrap /Unwrap a domain name to/from an NFT

Depending on the state of a domain there is either a "Wrap" or "Unwrap" button next to it.

If you click on any of the Wrap or Unwrap buttons a modal to change the state from and to an NFT appears depending on the domain's current state.

Be sure to have some spare $SOL to generate the NFT token account when wrapping a domain name for the first time.

Wrapping or unwrapping will not affect the way your domain name works! You can still receive SOL, SPLs, or NFTs to a wrapped domain name.

Wrapped domain names can be transferred as regular NFTs directly from your Solana Wallet.

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