Using your Domain

After registering a new domain name with us, your domain will initially not be displayed anywhere! The domain however is already associated with your wallet address and can be readily used.

If you want to check the domain ownership without wrapping your domain up, head to your profile dashboard!

Among the many uses you can find for your domain name, the most popular by far is simply transferring funds or assets via your wallet!

Perform a transaction with a domain name

To send SOL or any other token using a domain name simply add the domain name in the Recipient field, where you would usually add the wallet address. Hit Next, and you’re done!

If you encounter any error while trying to perform a transaction there are a couple of reasons behind it:

  1. You have the wrong domain name

  2. The wallet you are using has not yet integrated our domain names.

More use cases are available via our integration partners. Just keep an eye on the expanding list of integrations.

Some communities that launched TLDs with us have taken domain names to another level entirely. Some have enabled discord gating, while others allow you to stake your domain names or even offer registration rewards!

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