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Renewable Domains

We are revolutionizing the process of domain creation on Solana by introducing renewable domain names for the first time ever.

Why renewable domain names?

Having renewable domain names prevents people from squatting on a whole bag of domain names. Having multiple TLDs with renewal fees ensures that there will always be at least one domain name you are looking for available.

Hybrid Domain Names

.ID was a world-first iteration of a hybrid TLD across all blockchain platforms. Claiming an .ID domain name allows users to make use of the same domain name on both Web2 and associate it with their desired Solana Public Key, allowing users and projects to extract the maximum out of their social… .ID.

Get your TLD!

Our TLD Program, also known as TLD House, can support an unlimited number of TLDs.

All NFT collections, games, projects, users, and Web3 communities can now create their OWN unique Web3 domain names upon application. Please contact us at

Domain Wrapping

Most of our domains are available for wrapping as NFTs and listed on secondary markets through our own NFT Wrapping contract - NameHouse - a Solana Program that enables any domain from any new TLD to be wrapped as an NFT and traded on any Solana NFT Marketplace.

The NFT wrapper is active for the hybrid Web2 and Web3 .ID TLD. This enables Real World Asset (RWA) trading on Solana.

TLD Yield


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