Listing on secondary markets

AllDomains does not provide an automated listing on marketplaces. We recommend each Collaborator list the TLD Collection on marketplaces like Magic Eden to allow them to add their proper links and social channels, and take ownership of their assets.

We can verify the collection for you, but all links will also point to the AllDomains social channels instead of our collaborators (login is required, since the impossibility for us to verifiy with your social channels).

Here is the guide to list:

The NFTs created after wrapping support the MCC standard, which means you can provide your Verified Collection Address (VCA).

To obtain your VCA, enter the hash of one of your NFTs in Solana Explorer and copy the Verified Collection Address.

One more hint: If you generate our own Hash List, please specify that the collection is not fixed, it’s open so you don’t have to update the hash list containing the new NFTs, for each new collection. You can do that by leaving a message for the Magic Eden Listing Operations team under "Anything else we should know?

Please open a Discord Ticket in case you have any issues and we will try, and contact the marketplace support.

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