How to set up Matrica

You can now reward your most faithful community members by enabling domain name-based Matrica role verification!

These roles can be used in various ways, either purely as vanity roles or by gating access to specific channels, perks (like limiting access to giveaway channels), and holder bonuses inside your Discord and/or Telegram.

Getting Started and Matrica Plans

Be sure the person that is in charge of this process has role creation privileges in Discord and Bot Invite privileges in Discord/Telegram

To get your Matrica profile started visit and join their Discord here:

Follow these steps

1. Fill in the required information

  1. Select either a Premium or Enterprise Plan:

If you choose the Premium Plan, enabling domain name roles will also require a one-off $500 investment, as this is a custom service.

This service is free for partners on Matrica’s Enterprise Plan.

  1. To get the required details for making the one-time payment please open a ticket in the Matrica Discord or contact their team here

Alternatively, you can also request support from AllDomains who will be happy to assist and put you in contact with the Matrica team.

  1. Matrica will then enable domain name verification for your Discord and Telegram communities.

Seting up Discord Verification

  1. Go to your “Verification” page and invite the Matrica Bot to your Discord Server. This will automatically create the Bot's “Matrica” role in your Discord.

  2. Create the role(s) you want your domain name holders to have (e.g., .bonk domain; feel free to be creative).

  3. Make sure that the “Matrica” role is above the one(s) you just created in your Role Priority list on Discord.

You can even put Matrica as the highest on the Role List to make sure everyone gets their role

Setting up the Rules

Now that the bot has been set up in your Discord is time to create the verifying rules.

  1. Head back to and click the Create New Rule button:

  1. Select the Role you want to assign, then select “Domain” for the Role Type.

  2. Identify your community’s TLD and select it from the dropdown list.

Be sure to check the AllDomain Only button; otherwise, .sol domain names might also be considered!

  1. Select the number of domain names a user should own to get the specified role (should be at least 1).

  2. You can add tiered domain-holding Roles (e.g 1 domain = shrimp role, 5 domains = dolphin role, etc.). Click Save and you’re done

  3. You can also add multiple Rules for the same Role (e.g.: hold 1 domain and/or 1 NFT).

Let’s take the image above as an example: All users that hold at least 1 .all domain name will automatically be assigned the “he like orange” role.

With this integration, you can add multiple rules and play around in many fun and creative ways.

Find out what best suits your community’s needs, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Now, you can gate specific channels to specific user roles and even layer up your access based on domain name ownership. One great example is giving only certain members access to Subber Raffles, while others can, depending on their role, access FCFS Giveaways.

Setting up Telegram Gating

Setting up Telegram is easier: Just invite the Telegram Bot to your Group and create the rules.

If you want your Telegram Group to stay Public do not use the Matrica Bot!

The Telegram Bot can only gate the entire group and can not be used to gate just certain parts of it (Topics). This essentially transforms your Public Group into a Private Group (gated by domain name ownership)

Additional sources and information

For a more in-depth look at setting up Matrica verification (NFTs, Tokens, etc. included) visit their Set Up Guide here

Also, if your users are new to Matrica feel free to share this “How to Verify” guide with them: Verify with Matrica

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