What is AllDomains?

AllDomains is a Web3 platform to create, register, and trade customizable Web3 Identities for .everyone

With AllDomains any user can choose not only a name they desire but also the community they wish to associate with, adding a new layer of customization to their Web3 identity. Be it a Token, an NFT collection, or a DAO, everyone can create their own TLD and unite their whole community under a unique brand.

AllDomains opens up Top Level Domain (TLD) creation so that any project or community can distribute its own .[anything] domains providing users with the freedom of choice for their Web3 ID.

At the same time, AllDomains is the first protocol to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 by enabling Web2 domain name registrations on Solana. To this end, we have launched pilot domain name registrations for the .ID Web2 TLD. These work for both their initially intended purposes and as Web3 domain names in parallel.

Beware of impersonators/scammers on social platforms

Our administrators will never:

  • Direct message you first

  • Ask for funds

  • Ask for your private keys

Only trust information provided by these official channels:

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