Enable Notifications

Want to ensure you do not run the risk of losing your domain due to expiration, while also being among the first to discover and benefit from new integrations?

Our Dialect - Powered notification system can ensure you are always updated with everything happening with your domain name!

To enable Notifications for your domain name, go to our website, https://alldomains.id/ and connect the wallet that holds it.

After doing so, click on the Notifications Bell and then on the Set up Notifications button

There are three platforms you can choose from:

1. In App notifications will notify you on our website, meaning you will periodically need to check in for new notification

2. Telegram notifications will allow the Dialect bot to DM you whenever a new notification is received

3. Email notifications

If you want to be 100% sure you never miss anything, you can opt for all three; however, if you’d rather not be bothered too often, you can choose only one or two.

You can also choose what exactly you want to be notified about:

1. Domain name expiry will notify you each time any of your domain names are getting close to the expiration date:

  • 30 days before the domain name enters the Grace Period

  • Domain name enters the 45-day Grace Period

  • The Grace Period ends, but you still own the domain name for another 5 days

2. New TLD launch will notify you each time a new TLD becomes available

3. General announcements will notify you whenever a new integration comes online and any important product updates To set up any of these notifications follow the steps! They are the standard steps required to verify your identity.

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