Referral Program

The AllDomains Experience task Referral Program allows you to create your own referral link. You can then share it with your friends and leverage the power of your network to increase your points total significantly.

Finding your referral link:

The referral link is being displayed in multiple places across your profile. Use any of them to copy it and send it to your friends.

Referral Program Mechanics:

Referral links work for inviting accounts that don’t yet own one of our domain names.

If any of your friends registers his first domain name using your referral link and begins his AllDomains Experience journey, you will both be rewarded:

  • You will get 10% of all Experience Points your friend gathers for the duration of the campaign

  • They will get an additional 420 Experience Points for registering a domain (In total 840 points: 420 for registering their first domain + the 420 bonus)

The 10% Experience Points bonus does not apply subsequently (friends invited by your friends).

If you share a referral link but don’t own one of our domain names yourself, your points will still accumulate, but your profile will not be active until you register a domain name.

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