How to register a .token domain name

Head over to

Only tokens that pass the automated analytics checks will be allowed to apply

Requirements to claim:

  • Symbol must not already exist on the verified list

  • Must not be a duplicate

  • Token must have a Rugcheck score below 2000

  • Mint authority must be revoked

  • Freeze authority must be revoked

  • Metadata must be set

  • Liquidity must be locked in a Rugcheck-approved locker (for new tokensor existing strict list, this isn't required). The list of approved lockers can be accessed here

  • Token must be older than 72 hours

Eligible projects will then be allowed to claim their .token domain name.

Similar to all our standard domains, token domains are renewable. However, please note that we withhold the right to revoke the token domain if the token fails subsequent audits and you fail to make the necessary improvements.

Claim your domain name, and you’re all set!

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