Getting a TLD

As stated before, AllDomains opens up Top-Level Domain (TLD) creation so that any project, community, or user can distribute its own .[anything] domains, providing users with the freedom of choice for their Web3 ID.

Our Get Your TLD feature enables just that, by allowing you to claim your TLD, set up your own revenue plan, prices, NFTs background, etc.

The choice for your .[anything] is yours! Of course, as with any other Web3 asset, some may be more valuable than others! Pay attention to your communities’ needs, rituals, and slogans, and choose the TLD you think best suits you!

Some communities may decide to go for a more formal TLD (.thug), while others for a more viral one (.caw). The choice is yours, just remember, a TLD can be a valuable tool for your projects’ branding, provide value to its users, and drive up your engagement! aim for something that best represents your product, values, and users! If you want to start a new TLD please contact us via the form here

Disclaimer: Please be aware that certain words with offensive or controversial connotations will not be made available on the AllDomains platform. We are committed to promoting a respectful and inclusive environment for all users.

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