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pub struct NameRecordHeader {
// Names are hierarchical. `parent_name` contains the account address of the parent
// name, or `Pubkey::default()` if no parent exists.
pub parent_name: Pubkey,
// The owner of this name
pub owner: Pubkey,
// The class of data this account represents
// If `Pubkey::default()` the data is unspecified.
pub nclass: Pubkey,
// expires_at is an unix timestamp in UTC.
// programs must respect the expiry_at. after by which a rent is void.
// the data is invalid unless extended by the owner or
// new owner comes with new data replacing the old one.
// defaults to 0
// if it is 0, the domain is forever
pub expires_at: u64,
// time in unix timestamp in utc.
// when the name account has been created.
pub created_at: u64,
// immutable owner domains
pub non_transferable: bool,