The AllDomains Experience

Season 1 Summary:

Start Date: June 24th 2024

TL;DR: The higher your points, the better your rewards

How to join:

You can easily join the AllDomains Experience by visiting, connecting your wallet, and going to your profile page. There, you can access your dashboard.

For your profile to become active, you must register at least one of our domain names.

How it works:

You will earn points by completing various AllDomains-related tasks on our platform and partner platforms. Our goal is to empower users and revolutionize the Domain playbook. We believe rewarding real platform users who understand the full capacity of Domains will accelerate our growth.

As you complete tasks you will find yourself surprised by all the different applications of our Domains, the features you can enable for them, and the features they can enable for communities.

Some activities that may get you points during Season 1 include:

  • Owning an unexpired Domain

  • Renewing a Domain

  • Setting up your Main Domain

  • Joining Discord

  • Opting into Dialect notifications for Domains

Season 1 will unquestionably have more tasks that could earn you points.

Additionally, the total points awarded for any given task are subject to change at any point throughout the Seasons. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

What other tasks you ask? If you are observant you may catch some hints...

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