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What is AllDomains

AllDomains is a Solana Protocol that allows users to create human-readable domain names that can be used in place of a Public Key.
AllDomains opens up Top Level Domain (TLD) creation so that any project or community can distribute its own .[anything] domains providing users with the freedom of choice for their Web3 ID.
The mission of AllDomains is to become a community-owned, open-source, and decentralized protocol that can be used for the benefit of the Solana community. We also aim to become a cross-chain protocol that will allow bridging domains from other blockchains to Solana and vice-versa and to bridge our AllDomains domains to all major blockchains ( eth, btc, arb, bsc, apt, sui, etc) AllDomains is built by Onsol Labs 🦾
Last modified 4mo ago