Marketing your TLD

Now that your TLD is live implementing a few basic marketing tactics is essential to help improve visibility. These will help strengthen and grow your community while increasing sales numbers.

First thing first! If you are not a member of our discord server, join it here:

Second, you will want to create a dedicated Twitter/X account for your new TLD and add it to the TLD list, so we ALL know to follow you!

When people are interested in learning about your custom domain or would like to purchase, you want them to be able to access the information quickly and easily.

Put the All Domains website purchase link directly into your X bio. Also, put any other pertinent info about the main project associated with the TLD and community info/links.

Then, you want to ensure all your accounts are connected. This means they follow one another, and the social media managers are connected via a group chat. Include All Domains in this group chat, too! This way, we can send tweets for others to support/retweet or immediately address any ideas/concerns.

This brings us to cross-marketing tactics. As frequently as possible, while still feeling natural, we should tag one another's accounts in our tweets. Win and help win. These can be direct marketing tweets, giveaways, shitposts, or fun feuds on the timeline.

All these listed above are standard methods to beat the algorithm and increase views across the platform.

A few other general tips for Twitter visibility:

- tweets with graphics or gifs attached get boosted in the algo

- never start a tweet with a "@" symbol... if you have to, put a single period "." right before it. If you don't, that tweet is mostly only visible to whoever you "@" in the opening

- tagging other accounts boosts visibility

- if you are associated with a token, always use your ticker (ex: $ALL) at the end of the tweet. Again, it boosts visibility in the algo and increases your occurrence in searches when people are looking for info on your token

- Utilize raid groups, whether a group chat on X or a channel in Discord. You want 10-15 people minimum, ready to engage within the first minutes you tweet. The algo takes time into consideration. If you don't get engagement right off the bat, then you get buried. Have your team and community support you in this!

Crossover graphics between your project and All Domains are always a good idea. Then, when we retweet each other, it has a shared interest for all parties involved. This can also be combined with other TLDs in fun and engaging ways! Don’t be shy to use AI!

If you need a team member skilled at photo edits or graphic creation, mobilizing your community for this is a great way to get quality work on the cheap. Have memes and art contests with a devoted Discord or TG channel. Encourage people to get involved and offer small prizes related to your project.

Keeping one another in the loop on everything happening is essential. Both the positive and potentially harmful. So, in addition to the X group chat we share, there will also be an open voice channel in Discord where we can speak directly.

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