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TLD Pools are a novel way where multiple people can own a TLD and share the fees that get generated on that TLD.
  1. 1.
    You enter the TLD you want to create.
  2. 2.
    You choose how much $ALL token you want to lock; depending on the amount, you get more fees from the domains.
  3. 3.
    You choose the pricing on the domain number of characters.
  • The minimum amount of $ALL to be locked for a TLD pool to be opened is 136000
  • The maximum amount of $ALL that can be locked in a TLD pool is 612000
  • Once a pool goes over 340000, the TLD can be activated by the person who opened it
  • Anyone can add more $ALL to an opened TLD pool once it has been opened to get part of the fees.
  • Once a pool has been activated, no more $ALL can be added to it.
  • Once $ALL token has been added to a pool, it gets locked for 15 days
  • To avoid TLD Squatting, if a TLD Pool doesn't get activated the $ALL token locked in it gets released after the 15 days
  • If a TLD Pool get activated, the $ALL token stays locked for 180 days
  • After the 180 days pass, 50% of the locked $ALL can be withdrawn by people who locked it, and 50% goes to the AllDomains treasury.
The amounts and periods that are specified here can be changed to better support the project.