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Staking Options ( Expired )

5% of $ALL tokens are available to AllDomains domain and NFT holders as Staking Options in a collaboration with @Dual Finance
Everyone registered in the snapshot we took on Wednesday will be able to claim and exercise
How do they work?
Staking Options give users the ability to buy $ALL for a fixed price until the expiration date.​
Step 2: Connect with a wallet that has AllDomains ( you will also receive an airdrop, so please check all your wallets)
Step 3: Select the AllDomains Launch Airdrop
Step 4: Click Claim! You will receive a DUAL-SO NFT in your wallet!
Step 5: Now go to with the same wallet, you will see your Staking Options. For example:
Step 6 and final: Get ready to exercise your options, by clicking on the “Exercise” button. You can decide to receive all your tokens or just a chunk of them by entering an amount of tokens. The strike price is 0.005 USDC per $ALL token.
Just do it by Sep 30th as they expire.