Distributing rewards

Rewards for AllDomains Pools are gathered both from domain name registrations and secondary sales royalties! Any pool contributor can, at any time, distribute the rewards gathered in a Pool!
The rewards will be sent to a Program Derived Address (PDA) where they will be held in perpetuity until the contributor claims them. You can claim your reward allocation as often or as rarely as you please, there are no limitations or cut-offs either way. All rewards are safely held in perpetuity until claimed by each contributor. After 180 days you can unlock and claim 50% of your initial $ALL deposit. Any rewards gathered up until this point will remain available to claim forever! From this point forward, however, you will not be able to claim rewards for future domain name registrations, unless you rejoin the Pool! Once a Pool drops below 60% (if users reclaim their $ALL), that Pool can be joined by anyone but only up to the 60% SoftEntryLimit (since the TLD has already been activated)