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AllDomains Pools

AllDomains opens up Top Level Domain (TLD) creation so that any project or community can distribute its own .[anything] domains providing users with the freedom of choice for their Web3 ID.
In starting your own TLD you can harvest a share of the revenue generated by domain name registrations depending on the different revenue share plans!

To enable a new TLD you can:

A. Start your own unique TLD via direct acquisition. More on this here:

B. Kickstart and crowdfund a TLD using the AllDomains Pools

The AllDomains Pools program offers the easiest and friendliest way to kickstart and crowdfund a new TLD for you and your Web3 fam and proportionally share in the revenue depending on the TLD’s performance and domain name registration revenue!
All the mechanics and pricing described herein use our own $ALL token!
If you want to learn more about the $ALL tokenomics you can do so here:
Let’s get into the mechanics of it $ALL